Please please me/Ask me why
She loves you/I'll get you
Twist and shout/ Misery
P.S. I love you/ I want to hold your hand
From me to you/Devil in her heart
You can't do that/Can't buy me love
A hard day's night/Things we said today
Thank you girl/All my loving
And I love her/If I fell
I should hake know better/Tell me why
No reply/Baby's in black
No reply/Baby's in black
Rock'n'roll music/I'll follow the sun
I feel fine/Kansas city
Eight days a week/I'm a loser
Ticket to ride/Yes it is
Long tall sally/She's a woman
Help/I'm down 24_jpg.jpg (6829 byte)
I need you/Dizzy miss lizzy
Yesterday/The Night Before
We can work it out/Day Tripper
Michelle/Run For Your Life 28_jpg.jpg (7276 byte)
Paperback Writer/Rain 29_jpg.jpg (7067 byte)
Yellow Submarine/Eleanor Rigby 30_jpg.jpg (8648 byte)
Girl/Nowhere Man 31_jpg.jpg (7708 byte)
Strawberry Field Forever/Penny Lane 33_jpg.jpg (6971 byte)
Strawberry Field Forever/Penny Lane 34_jpg.jpg (7880 byte)
All You Need Is Love7Baby You're a Rich Man 35_jpg.jpg (10337 byte)
Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus 36_jpg.jpg (9616 byte)
Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus 37_jpg.jpg (8276 byte)
Magical Mystery Tour EP 38_jpg.jpg (13161 byte)
Lady Madonna/The Inner Light 39_jpg.jpg (10597 byte)
Hey Jude/Revolution 40_jpg.jpg (7070 byte)
Una sensazionale intervista con i Beatles 41_jpg.jpg (7864 byte)
Obladi Oblada/ Bch In The USSR 42_jpg.jpg (9997 byte)
Get Back/Don't Let me Down 43_jpg.jpg (8682 byte)
the Ballad Of John and Yoko/ Old Brown Shoe 44_jpg.jpg (9378 byte)
Come Together/Something 45_jpg.jpg (9439 byte)
Let It Be/ You Know My name (look up the number) 46_jpg.jpg (9119 byte)
The Long And Winding Road/For You Blue 47_jpg.jpg (10577 byte)
Please Please me /Ask Me Why 48_jpg.jpg (8277 byte)
All Together Now/Hey Bulldog 49_jpg.jpg (8902 byte)
Got To Get Into My Life/ Helter Skelter 51_jpg.jpg (8151 byte)
Sgt. Pepper..../A Day in The Life 52_jpg.jpg (9769 byte)
The Beatles Movie Medley/ I'm Happy Just... 53_jpg.jpg (10413 byte)
Love Me Do/P.S. I Love You lov_jpg.jpg (6411 byte)